Flour Bluff Foundation for Educational Excellence surprises teachers with over $21,000 in grants

Innovative and interactive learning will inspire and educate Flour Bluff ISD students thanks to seven grants totaling $21,090 from the Flour Bluff Foundation for Educational Excellence. Fifteen teachers were surprised in their classrooms with the announcement they had received a grant to implement new learning programs for their students.

Twice a year, Flour Bluff ISD educators are provided an opportunity to submit a grant application to the Flour Bluff Foundation for Educational Excellence to fund an innovative project that would not otherwise receive funding. Members of the Foundation review the grant applications and fund programs that will enhance students’ learning experiences. The grants awarded this spring, include funding for programs such as an early music literacy program, traveling museum, a reading program and a community based instruction business for special education students.

“Surprising teachers and campuses with funds that directly impact students is a highlight of our service on the Board,” said Vivi See, Flour Bluff Education Foundation Public Relations Chair. “Seeing the excitement is what it is all about.”

Funds for grants are made possible by sponsors of the Foundation’s yearly fundraising event. Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors of the “Big Event, this year, the organization raised $16,000 for future teacher grant funding opportunities.

Teacher grants were awarded to:
Emily Tilton (Emergent Literacy Retell) in the amount of $700
Crystal Elliott and Margaret Barnec (Chrome + Code = Student Success) in the amount of $2,600
Lorraine Dow (“Do Re Mi, easy as A B C” Enhancing Music Literacy for Choir) in the amount of $770
Joanna Cardona and Nikki Redman (Buzzy’s Café) in the amount of $770
Kim Poorman and Amanda Jensen (Cultural Heritage: Exploring the Art, Literature and Music that
Shaped the United States) in the amount of $1,100

Campus grant was awarded to:
Flour Bluff Intermediate – Cathy Graham, Jeana Hacker, Karen Jackson, Janice Knezek, Alicia Little and
Taylor Washington (Building Our Reading Family One Book at a Time) in the amount of $5,000

District grant was awarded to:
Special Education – Edgar Van Geem (The Ripple Effect) in the amount of $10,150


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